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Can Won't

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

CAN WON’T 07 September 2019

What we can do: go to the moon and back. What we won’t do: obliterate wars that kill millions

What we can do: produce more than enough to feed the world What we won’t do: keep 800 million worldwide from daily unmitigated hunger

What we can do: build 100-floor skyscrapers What we won’t do: help the homeless find homes

What we can do: make and sell 18 billion cigarettes per day worldwide What we won’t do: come up with a cure for cancer

What we can do: create millions of helpful uses for plastic What we won’t do: keep plastic from despoiling the oceans

What we can do: heal people with fantastic medical care What we won’t do: develop plans to limit the inevitable catastrophe of overpopulation

What we can do: walk gaily down wilderness paths What we won’t do: see the forest for the trees

The problems are evident. Solutions are at hand. The will to act is what’s missing.

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