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Book no.1

Bazo -A Saga Novel

Born to Norwegian missionaries in Zimbabwe and raised within the culture of the Ndebele tribe, Jedediah Bazo immigrates to the United States where he becomes a USMC officer.


After the Marines and years of travel, the core values he discovers lead him into the ministry. Eventually he abandons the institutional church to work with street people on Seattle’s south side. Known as Father Jed, he encounters much of the seedier side of life, including the atrocity of human trafficking. USMC skills and an expertise in the martial arts serve him well when confronted with raw  evil.


Edge-of-your-seat action scenes find Bazo repeatedly faced with the question of when violent force can be justified. His faith-based attitudes nudge him in one direction, but life or death decisions arise when others play by different rules.


A richly developed cast of characters spanning three continents and five decades make this an exciting literary journey. The reader will come to champion Jedediah Bazo, and to wrestle with the same ethical issues he does

Book Cover Gunner.jpg


D. Randall Faro is currently writing his second novel, Gunner. Fans of Randy's first novel will find the same kind of action packed story that delighted them in Bazo.

Readers can expect that Gunner will be challenged by many of the same ethical questions that confronted Jedediah in Bazo as he seeks justice in a world where fair play is not always so easy to define. Follow Randy's blog for up to date information on release dates. 

Book no.2
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