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Book no.1

Bazo -A Saga Novel

Born to Norwegian missionaries in Zimbabwe and raised within the culture of the Ndebele tribe, Jedediah Bazo immigrates to the United States where he becomes a USMC officer.


After the Marines and years of travel, the core values he discovers lead him into the ministry. Eventually he abandons the institutional church to work with street people on Seattle’s south side. Known as Father Jed, he encounters much of the seedier side of life, including the atrocity of human trafficking. USMC skills and an expertise in the martial arts serve him well when confronted with raw  evil.


Edge-of-your-seat action scenes find Bazo repeatedly faced with the question of when violent force can be justified. His faith-based attitudes nudge him in one direction, but life or death decisions arise when others play by different rules.


A richly developed cast of characters spanning three continents and five decades make this an exciting literary journey. The reader will come to champion Jedediah Bazo, and to wrestle with the same ethical issues he does



Gunnar is the second installment in the 3-volume Jedediah Bazo series. It picks up where Bazo ended, with Gunnar and his daughter wondering how they are going to put their lives back together after the horrific events of the previous half year. Elements of Gunnar’s past invade his attempt at fashioning a new start with Tuyen in the Portland, Oregon area. Instead of the peaceful life he seeks, it becomes a fight for survival as the effects of child sex-trafficking impacts their lives. A rich cast of characters on both sides engage in an ongoing battle between goodness and evil.   Principled and caring individuals striving against the most wicked of men make for an action-packed and exciting literary experience. Readers will become aware of the very real affliction that infects communities from coast to coast. 

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Being God - The Necessary Demise of Theism 

Since the dawn of time religions have operated within a conceptual framework that envisions God as a supernatural, sentient being; one who intervenes periodically to cause or prevent various happenings on our planet. For increasing numbers of people, this theistic concept of God cannot be reconciled with reason and experience.

         Being God examines the inadequacy of the theistic vision, and proposes a non-theistic view of God as the Ground of Being, or Being Itself. Writing within the Christian framework, the author explores from a biblical perspective an alternative to the theistic God-concept, including how Jesus Christ is central to the interpretation.

The reflections in this book offer hope and comfort to those for whom the understanding of God as a being is philosophically and theologically untenable.


Book no.2
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