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A Good Man Died

A good man died. Not just good . . . but superlative! A premier human being.

A good man is one who contributes to the soul of planet earth in positive, constructive, life-enhancing ways. All of us make mistakes . . .some more than others. A good man makes appreciably fewer mistakes than average. Over the course of his life, a good man’s valuable contributions far outweigh the missteps.

Having just returned from the memorial service of a good man, my thoughts focus on how he was a champion and example of excellence in the world. He was never on the cover of Time Magazine, but his meritorious actions in the spheres of his existence were, put simply, a boon to humankind. And all of us need to recognize that what we do locally has global ramifications. A bird sings in Saskatchewan and its song will eventually be heard Moscow.

A good man was a good friend to me. The best. I am bolstered beyond words that he felt the same about me. Don’s song was beautiful, heavenly even. It is being heard around the world.

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