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Coffee-stained T-Shirts: Yes!

There are a few things I do not understand. Well, more than a few. Actually, thousands.

For instance, some things so un-understandable (to me) I won’t even try are:

- black holes

- a thinner-than-a-deck-of-cards box on my vehicle dashboard telling me how

to get from my house to a specific address in Bozeman, MT

- humpback whales finding their way from the equator to the Arctic and back

- quarks

- people buying jeans with rips, tears, and holes in them . . . on purpose

In fact, quarks are easier for me to comprehend than this last item. Perhaps this stems from my absolute non-connection with the fashion world. When I’m channel-surfing and happen across a fashion walkway show, most of the time I think I’ve stumbled onto a Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey rerun. To be sure, that’s just me . . . and I want to affirm different tastes and any individual’s right to indulge in whatever. But that doesn’t mean I’m not confused by it. (I’m also confused by people who don’t like coffee or rhubarb pie.)

Hula Hoops had their day. Pet Rocks titillated momentarily. Bell-bottom trousers were the rage for a time. Such will be the case with I-can-afford-to-look-poor jeans. Julie Wittes Schlack on Boston’s NPR news station website speaks at least a bit for me: “Like past trends, pre-torn jeans will pass from being in vogue, and I look forward to their replacement. With any luck, coffee-stained tee shirts will be the next big thing, and at last, I’ll be a fashion maverick.”

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