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Goodness Me

A lot of things are good for us. There is one in particular that people in general disregard. Exercise.

The benefits of even mild, not-overly-strenuous exercise are touted by every health organization on the planet, the Mayo Clinic being one of the foremost. See, for example, their online article, “7 benefits of regular physical activity.” Mosaic: the Science of Life affirms the same with articles like, “Stronger body, stronger mind.”

With the plethora of gyms in any metro area, plus the number of runners, walkers, bikers, etc. seen sweating down the byways, one might think there is a national movement afoot. Yet several years ago the Center for Disease Control reported that 80% of American adults don't get recommended exercise. One would think that something so good for both body and mind would be high on anyone’s regular agenda.

Our brains have an uncanny way of tricking us into thinking that things of lesser importance are actually more important than other more vital concerns. Increasing financial gain is one common goal, but what difference does a huge bank account make if I’m lying in a coffin?

The activity one picks is a personal choice. But the key is: PICK SOMETHING. DO SOMETHING. Run, bike, hike, swim, golf, tennis, badminton. Pick SOMETHING and covenant with yourself to make it a regular part of life.

To relegate physical exercise to a cognitive process or to the back-back-back burner (meaning, hardly ever or never) is somewhere between lowering one’s quality of life and courting disaster.

If you would like to know what’s important to a person, don’t ask him/her. Watch the person . . . because we DO what is important to us. My encouragement is that taking good care of our bodies is very, very important.

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