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Lifegiving Tangos

Is it possible for people who are significantly – perhaps even vastly – different to get along with each other? One might judge that the nonsensical question of the day since we all know that it does happen. Maybe not nearly with the frequency that would truly make the world a better place in which to live . . . but it does happen.

For this getting-along to happen, it takes two to tango. One can surely dance alone, although while doing so one might get splattered with rotten tomatoes. But when two dance together – willingly and with pure motives – rotten tomatoes will not enter the picture.

To observe this happening writ large on the world screen, watch The Imam and the Pastor. It can be found at, and you will spend forty very worthwhile minutes. You’ll see Muslims and Christians in Nigeria who used to work hard at killing each other, but who found a way to live in peace. Real, genuine peace where both “sides” affirm one another and find that it’s a whale – a very big whale – of a better way to live.

You have to work a bit at understanding the accents, but you’ll be glad you put in the effort. I believe that you will also be inspired to find ways to experience the same kind of reconciliation with neighbors and family members.

Remember: it takes two to tango. And I have to be one of the two.

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