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Spring Is Sprung

Most people know we’re a couple of days into Spring. How many know why we call it that? Shannon O’Connor explains it on her website, Petal Talk.

Before Spring was actually called “Spring,” it was referred to as “Lent” in Old English. For those who celebrate Easter, this term represents the period leading up to Easter Sunday. During the 14th century, the period known as “Lent” started to be called “springing time,” since this was when plants, shrubs, trees and other greenery started springing back up from the ground. A century later this term was shortened to be known as “spring time,” and, you guessed it, a century after that, it was shortened even more to simply be called “Spring.”

Spring is all about new beginnings and transformations – think of it as a season that symbolizes starting fresh and starting over. After months of cold temperatures that often result in many feeling the Winter blues, Spring re-awakens us and our surrounding environment, bringing everything back to life. Not only does one start to see the trees budding and bulbs poking through the ground, but one’s spirit also often feels lifted.

The Winter blues of many dark-cloud days give way to blue skies and sun-shiny Spring days. It is a time to be thankful for new life bursting forth all around. And also a good time to give some thought to refreshing my own life in ways that project beauty and joy to those around. Personally, I’d rather come across as a tulip instead of a rotten banana peel.

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