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Talents Galore

When thinking of talented people, we often jump to those with far above average skills . . . top athletes, virtuoso musicians, math whizzes, and the like. Example: James Garfield, the 20th president of the United States. He was both ambidextrous and multilingual. Most impressively, he could write in two languages at the same time – Greek with the left hand and Latin with the right. These folks awe and, perhaps, inspire us.

An oft-failed recognition is the fact that every human being has capabilities, gifts, skills, talents that are awesome, useful, and inspiring. Some folks are so downright cheerful and positive that they brighten up any room into which they walk. There are people with a servant mindset who would willingly clean your bathroom to give you a lift. When I see an 18-wheeler barreling down a highway, I give thanks that there are men and women with the skill and desire to drive goods to markets for me to purchase. A friend of mine often helps me with home electrical issues . . . which bring unmitigated joy since, for me, God is easier to figure out than electricity.

The point: ALL have skills and talents, things one can do well which, when exercised, help make the world a better place. The twofold process involves 1) identifying what I can do well, and develop such, and 2) use my skills in ways that create peace and happiness . . . for oneself and everybody else.

Don’t lose sleep over the “stars” whose abilities appear so remarkable. History reveals that they’re not always the happiest campers anyway. The focus should be on oneself and what we can do with whatever we have in whatever little corner of the world in which we reside.

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