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The Power of Drops

A drop of water. Not much . . . all by itself.

One drop of water can do little or nothing all by itself. It cannot quench thirst. It cannot purge the body of dirt. It cannot irrigate a garden. It cannot power a turbine to produce electricity. All by its lonesome a drop of water is powerless. But the power of drops of water pooled together can be unimaginably powerful.

Volumes of water can be destructive or constructive. Hurricanes, tsunamis, and flash floods are examples of the tremendously negative consequences of zillions of H2O molecules working together. Tremendously positive examples of water power are: a liter of cold water to a parched throat; a refreshing shower after a hard physical workout; plump produce in a pumpkin patch. Simply a bunch of little, inconsequential drops banding together to do things absolutely impossible to accomplish alone.

Each one of us is a drop. Sometimes problems seem insurmountable when gripped by a what-can-little-old-me-do attitude. When something needs fixing, the first requirement is a change in attitude.

The civil rights movement resulting in desegregation in the U.S. back in the 1960s was enabled because individuals linked hands, hearts, and efforts to work TOGETHER. The Berlin Wall was reduced to rubble in 1989 after people joined TOGETHER to conquer an evil no one individual could have ever effected alone. In 1990 Namibia won its independence after 100 years of colonial servitude due to millions of people around the planet working TOGETHER to force South Africa’s hand.

Each one of us has power to do some things. But together we can do so much more . . . often more than we can even imagine. Joining forces for good, for the health of our communities, nations, and the planet, is something each one of us can do.

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