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Class or Crass

Dictionary definitions: Class: reflecting high standards of personal behavior; graceful. Crass: without sensitivity; gross; not considering how other people might feel.

My wife and I enjoy good movies and TV series. Becoming normal these days are video presentations overflowing with crude language and sex-with-any-and-everybody. We recently watched a Netflix series which had an engaging plot line, excellent cinematography, and good acting. Sex scenes were infused throughout most episodes, and if we had a hundred dollars for every time the f-bomb was used we could pay off our mortgage. My emotions jumped back and forth between enjoying the story and wondering if enough was enough . . . sex and f-bombs.

We have quit other series or movies based on an affront to our audio and visual senses. But finding a well-produced and acted movie/TV series not replete with repeated profanities and explicit sex scenes can be a challenge. Makes me wonder why the public at large is so in love with the crass term for sexual intercourse and so hungry for sexual intercourse scenes that have nothing to do with love.

I am by no means a prude. But a case can be made – or should be – for leaning much more toward class instead of crass.

How one defines high standards of personal behavior can be energetically debated. But I don’t think that men and women using each other as sex toys would be included in the description. Whereas potty-mouth vernacular has always been in existence, using it vociferously and recurrently (as in, every thirty seconds) in a medium meant to entertain the general public is to set aside considering how other people might feel.

Many well-produced, good stories would be fun – some even quite educational – to watch with one’s children or grandchildren . . . except for the implication built into the films that crass language and behavior is normal and acceptable. Children don’t teach adults that anybody/anytime sex and spewing profanities is okay. It’s the other way around. Much of the evidence points to the fact that nowadays adults find that acceptable if not desirable.

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