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Do you wonder if the epidemic is real? Is child sex-trafficking really a problem of magnitude? Answer: YES! But it’s largely a hidden problem because it takes place out of sight, at least in these United States, of the large majority of law-abiding, caring citizens. The latter go about their daily lives within the confines of more-or-less wholesome work, home, and recreational environments which are a world away from the perverted and evil purlieus of sex-for-sale.

For some self-education, peruse Abolish Child Trafficking – A.C.T. – Some individual stories can be found there, such as:

What can I do? Organizations like A.C.T. have a How You Can Help link on their websites that offer possibilities.

Certainly this is just one huge problem among many in our world, and obviously one individual can’t tackle them all. But each one of us can pick SOMETHING and contribute effort, action, and/or money to the cause. Perhaps that something for you might be this cause.

Additional resources and issues can be found by clicking the Organizations link in the menu on And each state generally has both governmental and non-governmental offices (NGO) into which one might channel personal efforts. The www will lead you to all sorts of possibilities, both nationally, statewide, and locally.

Is the epidemic real? YES! Can I do anything? YES! Do I want to do anything? Only you can answer that question.

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