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It's Right Now

Neil Bartram wrote a musical play, The Theory of Relativity. Eighteen singers/actors and four musicians performed it at Capital High School, Olympia, Washington.

“Performed” is an understatement. They nailed it . . . blasted it . . . aced it. Pick whatever exalted exclamation you wish . . . it’ll fit. They rocked the house with thoughtful lyrics proclaimed with joyful noise. The end-of-show standing ovation was also an understatement. Most of us there wished we had eight-foot stilts to emphasize our appreciation.

Among several things that were crystal clear to the audience participants was the depth of character and strength modeled by the presenters. Their inherent talents coached by director Kristina Cummins and staff produced a shout-to-the-world celebration of life. The obvious commitment and determination of the players lifted what could have been just a pleasant event to a magnificent illustration of excellence.

Anyone with doubts about today’s youth should have been there. It’s oft noted that the future is in the hands of our children. While there remains a long journey ahead, for the twenty-two young ones I witnessed last night, their impact on life is not something for which we wait. It’s in their hands right now. And we can smile.

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