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Sdrawkcab Ti Gnitteg

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Regular, intentional exercise is for the birds. Or at least the gym-nerds. It is highly overrated, not really fun, and all together unnecessary for physiological health. One of my old buddies once told me that he had it on good authority (in the Bible somewhere, he posited) that every human being is programmed with “x” number of heartbeats; when they’re used up, it’s curtains. “Therefore,” he stated, “I’m sure not going to waste any of mine running!” Sdrawkcab ti gnitteg.

“I can take care of myself. I don’t need help from anyone.” In Jon Krakauer’s book, Into the Wild, one chapter is devoted to several case studies of individuals who chose the hermit life and attempted to live off the land with no assistance whatsoever from anyone else in the world. Didn’t work. They either gave up or died early. Some might point to the well-known hermit, Dick Proenneke, who lived a life of solitude in the Alaskan wilderness for thirty years. But bush pilot Leon Alsworth periodically brought Proenneke staples and items ordered through him to Sears. Thinking extended survival can be accomplished alone is sdrawkcab ti gnitteg.

I like it. And what I like can’t really hurt me . . . at least I like telling myself that. Therefore, I will smoke. To hell with the medical facts and the irrefutable statistics. Since it enhances my life it’s gotta be good. In the same drugstore, zillions of cigarettes are sold alongside drugs galore for mitigating the deleterious effects of smoking. Sdrawkcab ti gnitteg.

Attending to the inner dimension of life – some call it the spiritual dimension – is a waste of time. I’m chockablock to the gizzard with just trying to stay awake long enough to work sixty hours a week, upkeep the house and yard and vehicles, and keep the kids from killing themselves. Plus, I do need weekly time in front of the tube with a bag of chips and a six-pack. Intentionally cultivating my spirit will only add another (unnecessary) activity to my already-overcrowded existence. Sdrawkcab ti gnitteg.

Sdrawkcab ti gnitteg . . . getting it backwards. One’s quality of life would improve immensely by getting it forwards . . . getting it right.

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