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Think - Act - Pick

I’ve beat this drum before. Time for another Gene Krupa solo.

The world needs activists. Meaning, people who recognize the need for change and actively work to effect it. The issue can be anything from fair wages to healthcare. The point being to make right something that’s wrong.

Think Big. Understand and work as if your actions will change the world. Because they will. In 1990 Namibia overcame the evil yoke of colonial rule and gained self-identification as an independent country. This came about due to the combined actions of literally millions of people around the world participating in affecting the economic pressure that brought the apartheid South African government to its knees. If I, or those other millions, would have thought what difference do my actions make and, therefore, did nothing, the Namibian Africans would still be forced servants to their white masters.

Think Big . . . like you can help change the world. Because you can.

Act Small. There are superstars like Mahatma Gandhi or Jane Goodall, but the lion’s share of the time alteration happens because of millions of ordinary, unsung people combining efforts to get the job done. There is power in numbers. To wit, a tsunami only exists because of itty-bitty drops banded together. Almost all of us will only ever be a drop vs. a powerhouse wave like Martin Luther or Martin Luther King Jr. But acting in small, contributory ways is all that is open to most of us. To think that one’s small efforts and actions do not make a difference is a fallacy. Whatever the cause, devote to it whatever vigorous time, effort, and energy is available to you because it DOES make a difference.

Pick Something. No one can actively participate in every cause. Trying to do so can lead to throwing up one’s hands in frustration and doing nothing. So pick something. Choose an issue about which you feel strongly, educate yourself on it, and then take whatever actions fit your time and resources. You will pick a different issue than I will, and I will pick a different one than my neighbor down the street. But the more of us who pick something, more bases will be covered and more positive change will be affected.

Thinking big, acting small, and picking something changes the world for the better and will make this world a measurably more pleasant place in which to live.

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